Identifying Fort Myers Web Designers and Web Developers

Web development is a broad term encompassing all the aspects of creating a website from visualizing designs to implementing functionalities. Web designers and web developers work hand in hand to make a website more appealing and suit the client’s wants and needs. A lot of Fort Myers web design services are flourishing with their businesses because of the demand of business websites nowadays.

The terms web developers and web designers are often used interchangeably which causes confusion to those who want to avail web creation services. What characteristics do these jobs have that distinguished one from the other?

Web Developer Job Description

Web Developers are more concerned of the functionality and the technical aspect of the site. Everything that you see in the website and every function it has is the task of a web developer that he must arrange. They must possess skills such as:

  • software programming
  • coding
  • widget development
  • custom CMS arrangement
  • plug-in development
  • CSS and HTML knowledge
  • Java-script plug-in creation
  • social media app development
  • flash and action script application

Web Designer Job Description

Web designers handle the aesthetic quality of the website. Whatever design he can come up with, web developers will code scripts to make it viewable online. Thus, the concept, organization, and the harmony of the themes are taken care of the web designer. Some of the most in demand skills that a Ft Myers web designer must have are:

  • skillful in Photoshop functions
  • has unique design ideas for each website
  • CSS, HTML, and XHTML knowledge
  • understands what a “marketable” website is
  • creates page layouts

Many web design companies in Fort Myers have outsourced jobs to freelance web developers and designer so it won’t be hard finding one. Many web design services in Ft Myers can deliver fast and reliable results at the end of every project. You must understand, however, that not all web designers can perform web development tasks, and not all web developers can come up with a great web design.


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