How to Create a Website through Google?

Google-logoIf you aim to create a new website, then the best way to do is to consider using Google Site to design your pages. Google Sites is a free website building and hosting program that uses simple web design tools to launch your site. There are also options for you to view and edit each page that you have. All you have to do is to sign up for a free Google account and you can immediate get started in building a site with your own. Here are the instructions that you can follow.

1. Proceed to the Google Sites website and sign into your account with your email address and password. After that, you can start signing up for the site. There are various templates that you can choose with and all you have to do is to select for the one that suits the purpose of your website. RT Design Fort Myers team also suggests using simple yet professional looks for site to attract customers.

2. Look for a wizard tool to set up the basics of your website. When you already selected the template, the next thing that you will need is to give your site a name, description, the URL, and determine your privacy level aside from picking up the general theme as well. You also have the options to allow your new site to be visible to the general public of only to few and selected users online.

3. Click “Create New Page” for your new post. When your site design is ready, the next that you can do is to create a new post for the site. You can select webpage, a dashboard, announcement or list of format to be posted. Web designer from Fort Myers Florida can also help you deal with this kind of concern

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